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Connecting the Dots: T-Bones Expansion is Revitalization at its Finest

T-Bones restaurant has officially opened a second lunch location in Five Points South, all thanks to a simple case of connecting the dots. Anthony Crawford, owner of the family-owned operation, opened his first location on Roebuck Parkway East over 12 years ago. But this past August he began to explore opportunities for expansion to The Magic City Southside.

That’s when the ball began to roll…

This past August the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development leadership (Lisa Cooper) coordinated a lunch-meeting with REV Neighborhood Revitalization Lead James Little – who had just completed a commercial property database for the 5 Points South district. Upon listening to Crawford’s needs, REV staff identified space that would be perfect. The following week, Little and Crawford had meetings with Kahn Properties and toured the former Purple Onion location at 1017 20th Street South next to Hotel Highland (along with other spaces).

It was love at first sight, and in Mr. Crawford’s words, “This is it. I don’t want to see anything else.”

Kahn Properties and the T-Bones owner drew paperwork and coordinated a leasing agreement the same day, and the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development and REV have assisted the deal every step of the way since.

Opportunities like these are what we live for; The T-Bones expansion to 5 Points South created jobs, activated empty space that had been vacant for almost  4 years, and will enhance tax revenue for the city for years to come. This is an example of business growth, real-estate assistance, job creation and revitalization – all rolled into one – and we couldn’t be happier to watch it come to fruition!

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