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From Blight to Bright in East Lake

A newly renovated building awaits…

The former Faught Realty Offices located in East Lake have been saved from the wrecking ball and are currently under renovation, thanks to the vision and new ownership of East Lake Merchant President Vince Amaro.

Originally intended as a medical office with a multitude of small, block-walled examining rooms lining each side of a center hallway, the 3800 sq ft building (located at 1st Avenue North) once housed the offices of Faught Realty Company. Two years ago the facility burned in a fire and was condemned and marked for demolition. Faught moved its offices next door and the building was boarded up, left to fate and slated to become another blighted property targeted for a future as a vacant lot.

This past July however, following a complex, two-month battle to lift the demolition order and secure a permit for redevelopment, the property came under new ownership. Vince Amaro saw potential and wanted to give this place a second chance.

“It would have been an unnecessary waste to tear down a perfectly sound structure that could be revitalized into an asset for the area.” He said.

Thanks to a masonry structure, the building skeleton was salvageable. Construction crews first removed the remaining wooden structure and metal from rubble, recycling what they could and disposing the rest.  Next, a small Bobcat was brought in to demolish the interior block walls.  “Altogether we have removed and disposed of about 400 yards of material just from the interior, making it a usable and desirable property once again.” said Amaro.

What remains are four sturdy block and brick walls and one heck of a sky light. Roof repairs are near completion, and after final cleaning and paint touchups the property will be available for rent.

This is the kind of home-grown redevelopment passion we love to see in Birmingham.

For more information on rental opportunities, contact Bob Champion at 853-1111.

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