Do you love the 'Ham? So do we! Let's create a more vibrant Birmingham—together.


Does the momentum in Birmingham make you say YAY? It doesn’t happen by chance. REV Birmingham is working every day to push the city to new levels of awesome.

REV’s mission? To create vibrant commercial districts. From historic building rehab consulting to our refresh of 20th Street North to Woodlawn Street Markets full of up-and-coming businesses, we’re proving markets in Birmingham where others didn’t see the potential, spurring more investment across a vibrant city.

As a nonprofit, we need your help to keep this momentum going. Yaysayers like you can help build a more vibrant Birmingham by supporting REV’s potential-proving and place-making work. Give for the good of Birmingham.

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Your investment in REV has a positive effect on Birmingham. Check out the impact we measured from our work in 2021!

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Do you want to make Birmingham and surrounding neighborhoods a place for everyone to enjoy? Join the club!

We believe each and every citizen is a driving force in making Birmingham more vibrant. REV supports revitalization initiatives throughout the year, and volunteers help make these events successful. See events below that we need your help to pull off!

Woodlawn Street Market


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