Let’s face it. Some things can’t be handled on Zoom. So, what can you do when you need to meet in person but want to keep your staff or coworkers safe? Consider meeting in the historic neighborhood of Woodlawn at REV’s headquarters, SocialVenture. Here’s what we’re doing to help you meet safely in this COVID-19 world: 

Ion filtration system 

We recently installed the Bipolar Ionic Air Purifier. The ions produced by the air purifier not only clean the air as it passes through the air conditioning system; the ions spread through the room, attacking impurities and contagions at their source, even on hard surfaces. This provides the opportunity to remain in the space for longer periods of time without worrying as much about exposure. We run the filter constantly, so air is always being purified. 

Plenty of space 

Our largest meeting room is 3,000 sq. feet. That means there’s plenty of space to safely spread out for up to 40 people. The room also features customizable chair and table layouts, so you can set it up to meet your needs, whatever they may be. For some extra circulation, there is an exterior door that can be propped open. The room also features cutting edge technology such as a 168” 1080p high definition projector and screen, with an HDMI cord provided, an Apple TV for wireless presentations and more.   

Meet (safely) at SocialVenture

Contactless entry 

We’re all more mindful these days of what surfaces we’re touching. At SocialVenture, we’ve installed no-touch handles on all external doors and throughout the building. Hand sanitizer made by Ghost Train Brewing Co. Is stationed at the front door.  


Our large patio is available for those who want to soak up the last bit of summer or get some fresh air.  

Flexible scheduling 

Whether you need our space for a couple of hours or a few days, SocialVenture’s got you. You can have a traditional business meeting, a boot camp-style event or a business-like bubble to knock out that work that can’t be handled virtually—whatever fits your work needs.

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