Sometimes unexpected combinations yield the best results. Enter the flavor of the summer from Avondale Brewing Company and Red Diamond Coffee and Tea: Mango Green Tea Saison.

The idea for the tea-beer partnership was sparked during a conversation at REV Birmingham’s first meeting for 2017 Birmingham Restaurant Week participants. Red Diamond later brought tea samples to the brewery, and Avondale added each of the different flavors to their Saison. A panel of lucky taste testers chose the winner.

“The Mango Green Tea added a hint of flavor and really pulled some of the notes and unique flavors from the Saison,” says Kristi MacWilliam of Red Diamond. “It was a light and refreshing beer that ended up being a great success this summer for the both of us.”

Mango Green Tea Saison made its debut at the Birmingham Restaurant Week Preview Party in Five Points South’s Pickwick Plaza on August 9. Shortly thereafter, restaurants across Birmingham began serving the new brew, with many reporting they couldn’t keep it in stock due to its popularity.

“This was definitely a way for us to work with a great company here in the Birmingham area and show some of our great products in the process,” MacWilliam says. “Avondale is a great partner to have and we look forward to working closely with them in the future. We all love Birmingham and strive to show it!”

This fall, Red Diamond and Avondale are partnering on the No Joka Mocha and will continue to collaborate on a beer every season with a new mix of flavors. Mango Green Tea Saison is slated to return next summer. We can’t wait to see what other delicious flavor combinations are created through this partnership!

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