Gerald Ware, a barber and coffee enthusiast, has set out to change the way coffee should be enjoyed with his Beanalli Coffee brand. Not only does he want his buyers to “taste the richest journey” but to feel awaken and that it’s their day to create their own adventure. Right now, his coffee is available through the virtual Woodlawn Street Market. Here’s more about his journey with coffee:

What inspired you to start your own coffee brand?

I love coffee. It’s a stable commodity that’s had a 2.1-percent annual increase as a commodity since 2009 and I thought to myself that this is the best time to invest in it. I want to inspire hope and stimulate the economy by creating jobs and entrepreneurs. How? Somewhere somebody has a unique family barbecue recipe, baked good or some other product. Do you have a product we could sell or promote? Of course, you’d need to be in compliance with all retail state laws. We want to showcase your talent or skill and help you build a legacy for you and your family. If you’d like more information, please contact us at:

“When there are no opportunities, you create them.”

Where can people purchase this Beanalli?

I currently don’t have a coffee shop but I have my own barbershop that is where I sell my coffee. Also, some local coffee shops also sell my blend in their shops as well. We also just started selling our beans at the Urban Market Grocery Store.

Where do you get your coffee beans?

My coffee blend originates from Africa- there are multiple types of blends that I have: there is Keyen, Ethiopian, and much more.

Where do you see your brand going?

I want this brand to be “the richest journey you’ll ever taste”. I want Beanalli to be an experience of an adventure. I want to build a brand, that represents equality, represents the minority. I want the brand to make any induvial believe that they are going on a journey to taste the richest taste.


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