BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (January 10, 2019) – Downtown Birmingham residents, workers and visitors will notice something new about CAP in early 2019. As part of its strategy to be more visible, approachable and helpful in the City Center, City Action Partnership (CAP) is rolling out Segways, a pressure-washing trike, and an umbrella-topped information cart on downtown streets and sidewalks. CAP safety ambassadors are also increasing foot patrols across the CAP district to spend even more time interacting with people downtown.

“We have heard from our business and property owners and their customers and employees that downtown is changing and the CAP program should adapt along with it,” said Sue Johnson, president of the board of the City Center District Management Corporation (CCDMC), which funds the CAP program. “With so many more visitors and customers walking the sidewalks at all hours of the day and night, it is critical that our CAP safety ambassadors let them know they’re there for them, before our guests find a problem. Making downtown clean and safe remains at the core of CAP’s mission, and we believe that work will be enhanced by adding some new tactics.”

CAP’s renewed focus on customer service is a direct response to a 2018 community engagement effort led by REV Birmingham, which manages the CAP program for the CCDMC. Surveys and focus groups revealed that downtown property owners, who fund CAP’s services, especially value the program as a deterrent to trouble. Sixty-nine percent of survey respondents ranked the visibility and attention of CAP to discourage bad behavior and activities before they start as a top priority for CAP in 2019. The CAP team will watch for criminal activity in the CAP district and partner with the appropriate local authorities to deter that activity.

In addition to crime deterrents, stakeholders wanted to see helpful City Center ambassadors who make downtown a pleasant place to spend time and an easy place to navigate. Now more than ever, visitors can expect friendly greetings, warm smiles and offers to help from the CAP team. Downtown visitors can turn to CAP safety ambassadors to provide information, assistance and directions.

On Thursday, January 17, and Friday, January 18, CAP and Red Diamond ® Coffee and Tea invited the downtown community to enjoy a free cup of coffee and say hi to CAP safety ambassadors, who were stationed at the corner of 5thAvenue North and 20thStreet between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. They were taking suggestions, displaying the new equipment (pressure-washing trike, Segways and info cart) and answering questions.

Downtown stakeholders are encouraged to call 205-251-0111for assistance and to talk with any CAP ambassadors they encounter on foot, Segway or bike – if they don’t talk to you first!

About City Action Partnership
City Action Partnership (CAP) works to keep Birmingham’s City Center Business Improvement District clean, safe and friendly. For more information, visit 

About REV Birmingham
REV Birmingham creates vibrant commercial districts. For more information, visit

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