Hey Birmingham, here’s an opportunity to change your neighborhood, commercial district, and the Birmingham we love, for the better.
In 2013, the City of Birmingham adopted its first Comprehensive Plan in 60 years. “The Plan” captures the vision citizens have for Birmingham for the next 20 years, and it puts the City on a new strategic path toward renewed neighborhoods, a stronger economy, and a better quality of life for all. Now, that BIG-picture vision is coming to fruition in specific neighborhoods through the creation of Framework Plans.
Our partners in Birmingham City Planning are talking to hundreds of stakeholders like you. The planning work focuses on four to six neighborhoods at a time, and right now, the Ensley-Pratt and Eastern Area Framework Plans are underway. The resulting plans will take about a year to complete, be detailed, and will inform, guide and improve how City services will be delivered to these areas. REV will use the plans to help prioritize our work in the East Lake and Ensley neighborhood commercial districts.
What do you think could fill that vacant lot and draw people into the heart of your commercial district? How can the City encourage existing small businesses and attract new ones that you would support? Where should they invest in sidewalks and remove blight? Where do traffic issues need to be addressed? Add your voice to this important work!
We hope you’ll join your neighbors and us as we all look to the future and give voice to how we want to build a better Birmingham. Want to add your input or learn more? Jump to the official Imagine Birmingham website HERE!

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