It’s Woodlawn Street Market time! We have a long list of vendors on the waitlist for the street market, and we always make sure to reserve a certain number of spots for first time vendors so that everybody gets a chance to share their creations with us. We compiled a list of all the first-timers so you can get to know them a little better. Make sure to head out to the night market on August 14th from 4PM-8PM and enjoy all the new vendors along with your old favorites!

Shea Rene Products & Gourmet Treats

Shea Rene Products produce organic, natural, and indulgent personal care and delicious gourmet treats! They use only the highest quality ingredients which produce a natural hydrated glow to the skin! These gourmet treats were created with you in mind!


Instagram: @sheareneproducts

Facebook: Shea Rene Products & Gourmet Treats

Michelle's Chocolate Lab

Come out to the market and enjoy some of Michelle’s Chocolate Lab’s hand-made, made to order chocolate, candy, and desserts!

Instagram: @michelleschocolatelaboratory

Facebook: Michelle’s Chocolate Laboratory

Chef's Blend Seasonings

Chef’s Blend Seasonings offer gourmet seasoning blends and foods to make your creations even better!


Instagram: @chefdougallen

Facebook: Chef’s Blend Seasonings

Arie's All Naturals

Come get your organic all-natural sea moss gel, elderberry syrup and gummies, and other all-natural organic products from Arie’s All Naturals!


Instagram: @aries_allnatural_elderberry

Facebook: Arie’s All Naturals

Sweet Mama's Bakery

Sweet Mama’s Bakery is filled with love and old fashion recipes. Indulge in some sweet treats at the market!

Facebook: Sweet Mama’s Bakery

Bama Health Foods

Bama Health Foods is more than just a store – they are your community wellness center. They understand living a healthy life isn’t always easy. In today’s world, life is super busy and demanding and they are here to help you!


Instagram: @bamahealthfoods

Kimmie Stylz

Kimmie Stylz specializes in quality hair products with healthy ingredients that allow everyone to love and appreciate their natural hair!


Instagram: @kimmie_stylz
Facebook: Kimmie Stylz

JFRESH Sani Lotion

Stock up on some JFRESH Sani Lotion, which sanitizes and moisturizes at the same time!

Instagram: @jfresh1.0

Cole Mine Candle Company

Cole Mine Candle Company is a small business with big culture, where there’s a story behind every scent!


Instagram: @the_clemine

Facebook: Cole Mine Candles Co.

A Dab of This and A Dab of That

So you have a sweet tooth, huh? Orangenia Lewis can take care of that for ya! Her bakery A Dab of This and A Dab of That is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!


Instagram: @adabofthisandadabofthat

Harlow Heritage Workshop

Come check out these distinctive heirlooms to enjoy with friends and pass down to your grandkids, crafted by hand in Homewood, Alabama!

Instagram: @harlowheritageworkshop

Facebook: Harlow Heritage Workshop

Sukha Massage

Ashley Fink is a licensed therapist and certified yoga teacher who aims to help her clients forge a strong and healthy mind-body connection, allowing them to inhabit their bodies fully, and to find sukha in daily living.


Instagram: @sukha_massage

Facebook: Sukha Massage Therapy & Yoga

Tilly's Cakes

Order your cakes, muffins, and cup cakes from Tilly’s Cakes for any occasion!

Facebook: Tilly Cakes

Birmingham Promise

The Birmingham Promise is a game changing public-private partnership to transform the architecture of opportunity for Birmingham’s youth and develop a sustainable pipeline of talent for Birmingham businesses.


Instagram: @birminghampromise

Facebook: Birmingham Promise

Sandalwood Fabrics

Curated collection of handwoven fabrics, deadstock and organic fibers for home sewing and dressmaking!


Instagram: @sandalwood_fabrics

Facebook: Sandalwood Fabrics

Chef's Chef Catering

Come out and meet Chef Ray Franklin, who is ready to cater all your events from receptions to intimate dinner parties!


Instagram: @chefchef_catering

Facebook: Chef’s Chef Catering

Shirley's Bows

Colorful hair bows handmade by Shirley Peoples – stock up in person at the market!

Golden Hour

Golden Hour is a home decor shop specializing in mid century modern and eclectic interior style. They source vintage furniture and thoughtful selections from international makers that bring soul to your space!

Facebook: Golden Hour Bham

Instagram: @golden_hour_bham

Sellers & 11th

SELLERS & 11TH provides the highest quality, hand stitched leather goods along with impeccable apparel!


Instagram: @sx11shop

Facebook: Sellers & 11th

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