If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that business meetings can take on many forms. Plenty of things can be discussed or brainstormed over video conferencing software. But, what if you really need to host an in-person meeting that also follows suggested social distancing guidelines 

REV’s SocialVenture in Woodlawn to the rescue! Our conference rooms are available to host you and your team.  

Meet (safely) at SocialVenture

Here’s what we’re offering:  

Large meeting rooms  

Our largest room—the Woodlawn room—has:  

  • 3,000 sq. ft.    
  • The ability to mask up and effectively social distance   
  • Customizable desk and chair layouts  
  • A door that can be propped open for more circulation  

Cutting edge technology  

You’ll have access to:   

  • 168” 1080p high definition projector and screen, with HDMI cord provided  
  • Podium with PC for presentation  
  • Apple TV for wireless presentations using Apple products via Airplay  
  • Wireless microphones, lavaliere and podium  
  • Built-in sound system with mixer and soundboard  

Outside space if you need to breathe  

Our large patio is available for those who want or need fresh air. All doors also have touchless openers.   

Let us be a resource for your team as the landscape of meetings continues to change. By booking here, you’re helping support REV’s mission to create vibrant commercial districts. Learn more at meetinwoodlawn.com! 

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