• Independent Presbyterian Church and City Meats: Feeding body and soul

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    Independent Presbyterian Church has served the needs of the Birmingham community for nearly 30 years through their food pantry program. The ministry has recently grown to fill even more community needs through a food voucher partnership with Woodlawn’s City Meats and Vegetables, a corner store in REV’s Urban Food Project network.

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  • Case Study: City Meats & Vegetables

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    Randy Newell is invested in Woodlawn. As the owner of the neighborhood grocery, City Meats & Vegetables, for the past 15 years he has aimed to provide more fresh meat and vegetables to meet customer demand. He identified the need for coolers, product diversification and reorganization and improved marketing to accommodate this shift in retail strategy. The Urban Food Project (UFP) team works with Randy daily to make his small business goals a reality.

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