For Blueroot Co.’s Jennifer Ryan, quarantine is about meeting her customers where they are right now—and that’s on the internet.  

“Thank God for social media, I never thought I’d say that,” she said. “It’s been our gateway to our people and a mechanism for us to communicate. 

She made the decision to close her doors with her customers and employees in mind, and since then, the 2019 Big Pitch finalist has been focused on looking out her ecosystem—customers, farmers and the community on the front lines of the virus  

She and her partner, two-time James Beard award winner Robin Bashinsky are bringing their produce-forward food to Instagram by hosting Sunday Supper and using the profits from their week of pick-up service to not only pay their employees but to also provide meals for healthcare workers.   

“It’s a tiny drop in the bucket for what a lot of people are doing, but it’s what we can afford to do,” she said. “It’s what we’re able to do…but we really want to play our part.” 

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