The results are in on Park(ing) Day and they’re overwhelmingly positive.

ASLA, REV Birmingham, the City of Birmingham and CCDMC teamed up to transform a quarter block of 20th Street North by introducing flexible seating, fresh landscaping, reclaimed pedestrian space and multi-modal street design.


So far, all respondents say they think the additions are an upgrade for 20th Street, the city’s main roadway.

“Love the planters and expanded sidewalk area,” one person wrote. “The landscaping is beautiful and feels uniquely Birmingham. It made the area feel more like home and gave me a sense of pride in the space. Birmingham has a lot of character and this highlighted that and served as a perfect complement to its existing charm.”

Others suggested tweaks to things such as sturdier seating and paint.

REV is considering all responses and will analyze what was added in terms of longevity and sustainability.

“Park(ing) Day was a tremendous success,“ said Rob Buddo, REV’s City Center District Manager. “I think we were able to show users how a reinvigorated 20th Street can create vibrancy and breathe new life into Birmingham’s main street. Additionally, this has allowed us to test different elements to see what does and doesn’t work and gain some stakeholder feedback.”

REV is using Park(ing) Day as a test to determine what works and what doesn’t to create a long-term vision for 20th Street.

So, how can you help?

It’s simple, let us know what you think! We need to know what you like and don’t like as we plan. Your opinion also helps us show funders and partners that Birmingham is ready for this.

Take the survey below.


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