Over the past 6 months partners with the Mayor’s Office of Social Justice and Racial Equity, the Birmingham Museum of Art, The City of Birmingham Park and Recreation Board, The Friends of Linn Park, and The Philip Morris Fund for Design Arts to gather the community in a planning process the envisions what Linn Park could be for the future of our city.

Linn Park is positioning in the center of Birmingham surrounded by City Hall, Jefferson County Courthouse, the Courthouse Annex, Boutwell Auditorium and a number of other civic spaces.


This makes Linn Park a vital greenspace suited to bring the type of vibrancy that is important to our growth as a city. This community engagement process is the first step to refreshing Linn Park and showcasing the best of who we are and where we want to go.

To kick-off this community-oriented process, OJB Landscape Architect in partnership with several local firms, hosted the first of three public workshops to gather feedback from the community. Focus group leaders from service industries and community members voted park elements and left comments on what should be considered, improved or added to Linn Park.

“I hope we consider how all the City parks work together and can support surrounding businesses.”

– Anonymous community member

Comment Card Responses

Every participate was able to leave comments about the current state and prospective masterplan for Linn Park. Here is what the community said:
  • Connectivity to the surrounding public spaces and businesses
  • Safe, attractive family amenities
  • Unique and visionary artwork
  • Chairs, benches, games and water
  • Addressing transient and homeless neighbors
  • Space for lunch and recreation
  • An overall park facelift
  • A historical memorial

Park Feature Votes

The most requested of all park features by focus group attendees and community members, alike, were public restrooms, an event lawn, and shady courts for recreational use.

The least requested park feature, unanimously, was a reading room. These results were based on the total number of votes per item for the duration of Public Workshop #1.

The votes collected in the first public workshop will inform the types of park features that are priorities to the Birmingham community.

Share your thoughts about Linn Park!



  Attend an upcoming public survey —
  • Tuesday, July 26, 2022 – 11-2pm and 5-8pm 
  • Tuesday, October 4, 2022 – 11-2pm and 5-8pm 
And be sure to visit the Linn Park page to stay up to date on the latest updates about Re-Vision Linn Park. You never know, you might see one of your ideas come to life! 

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