Jonathan Crain

Project Manager


I’m a Project Manager with REV Birmingham with a special focus on public space-related projects. Some days I’m managing spreadsheets, and others, I’m hanging swings outside the Pizits. I love having some variety in my work and seeing REV’s projects come to fruition and create vibrancy in our city.

Get to know Jonathan:

> What book changed your worldview the most?

Tactical Urbanism: Short-Term Action for Long-Term Change by Mike Lydon is probably the book that changed my world view the most. In it, Lydon explains how small-scale, short-term demonstration projects can be used to prototype designs, do public engagement, and gather support for larger public improvement projects. REV used this approach to cast a vision for our 20th St Refresh Project, and we ended up with a better final product based on what we learned from our pilot projects

> Favorite event to attend in Birmingham?

I love bicycle racing, so I have to go with Birmingham Hammerfest. It’s a professional-level bike race that happens annually at Pepper Place. It’s awesome to see athletes from all over the world come to downtown Birmingham for that event!