Julie Clark McKinney

Vice President of People and Places


I lead REV’s communications team, using storytelling as a tool to advocate for a more vibrant, authentic Birmingham as we celebrate our city’s people and progress along the way. I cultivate relationships and communicate with REV’s many partners and audiences – downtown and Woodlawn stakeholders, entrepreneurs, commercial developers, media members, and more. I also work to enrich REV’s team culture from productivity to fun. I love being part of a team that makes our city stronger and brighter!

Get to know Julie:

> If I could choose one superpower, it would be…

Teleportation! I love to travel but hate the ordeal of getting there. I want to just be at my destination already – and then magically get home with all the laundry done (or does that count as an extra superpower)?

> What’s your fondest memory in Birmingham?

We had our wedding reception at the Alabama Theatre, and it was beyond magical. The theatre is still a very special place for us, and now we go as a family of three to events there whenever we have the chance!