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UFP AmeriCorps VISTA Opportunities!



Help us connect corner stores in low-income communities with fresh, local produce! We’re looking for (3) local food advocates to help expand and improve the effectiveness and sustainability our local food distribution system and Farm to Corner Store Program.

What you’ll gain: After a year of service as an Urban Food Fellow, you will have a new respect for who grows your food and how it gets to your table. You will have eaten tons of locally grown veggies.  You will have met hundreds of Birmingham’s most influential and innovative thought leaders. You will have made a significant contribution to the Birmingham community. You will have had lots of fun doing it. Most importantly, you will be prepared for a career in food advocacy.

One-year of AmeriCorps VISTA service begins August 2016 to July 2017.

Who we are:

As a non-profit 501c3, REV Birmingham is dedicating to creating vibrant commercial districts by filling vacant spaces and growing sustainable businesses in Birmingham, AL. Community revitalization, business assistance and urban food initiatives are the core of what we do. We’re driven to preserve historical buildings, revive commercial districts, fill vacant spaces, grow small businesses, and promote local food.  As an initiative of REV Birmingham, The Urban Food Project aggregates and delivers Alabama grown produce and goods to Birmingham restaurants and corner stores in low-income communities.

What we’re looking for:

VISTA service requires development and implementation of global systems, processes and logistics with consideration to ground-level community needs. Candidates for all positions should be goal-oriented, possess strong relationship development skills and be able to work independently. The success of all positions will be best supported by a foundational knowledge – or at the very least, a strong interest in – local food systems.

What it pays:

This position is a partnership between REV Birmingham and the AmeriCorps VISTA program through the Corporation for National and Community Service. VISTAs receive an annual service stipend of $11,136 through AmeriCorps. Health, relocation, and child care benefits are available through this opportunity. A $1,500 stipend or $5,500 education award will be granted at end of service.


Creative Communications VISTA

The VISTA in this position will be responsible for increasing awareness and driving positive perceptions of REV Birmingham, the Urban Food Project, the Farm-to-Corner Store Program and produce distribution system through development and implementation of a comprehensive communications strategy. Candidate will contribute to both the Urban Food Project and the organization as a whole.

The Creative Communications VISTA will:

  • Develop a communications campaign with implementation timeline
  • Identify target audiences and create key messages to generate increased awareness, investment opportunities and programmatic impacts
  • Deploy communications and marketing campaign strategies to support REV’s communications goals and sustain the Urban Food Project
  • Document Urban Food Project progress and success via weekly photographs, monthly videos, quarterly interviews, articles, websites, and print marketing pieces
  • Identify storytelling and editorial opportunities to partner with reporters, publishers and special events to promote local food and REV revitalization initiatives
  • Broadcast creative through identified communications channels including, but not limited to, social media platforms, blogs, publications, and special events
  • Produce (or oversee production of) creative communications including: written content, e-newsletters, press releases, editorial opportunities, shooting and editing video, Farm to Corner Store in-store training materials; design of materials to support UFP and REV team in engaging child care centers/institutions and more.

Fund Development Coordinator VISTA

The VISTA in this position will be responsible for increasing charitable giving and driving responsible perceptions of the Urban Food Project, the Farm to Corner Store Program and produce distribution system through development and implementation of a comprehensive fundraising strategy. Candidate will contribute to both the Urban Food Project and the organization as a whole.

Fund Development Coordinator must possess strong relationship management and organizational skills, an attention to detail to ensure accuracy, some financial acumen, creative and strategic thinking and willingness to aid in fundraising efforts. A degree in business, community development, non-profit management or sales experience is ideal. Agricultural and/or restaurant experience is a plus, but no required.

Fund Development Coordinator VISTA will:

  • Assist in the increase of charitable giving and drive positive perceptions of the Urban Food Project
  • Work with REV’s Chief Public and Relations Officer to develop a fundraising campaign and implementation timeline
  • Craft messages to generate increased giving, investment opportunity and grand funding
  • Craft plans, coordinate correspondence with and support Urban Food Advisory Board
  • Develop progress reports and coordinate interim conference calls to ensure fundraising milestones are achieved
  • Produce fundraising collateral and a system for tracking and management

Healthy Food Retail VISTA

The VISTA in this position will be responsible for expanding and improving the effectiveness and sustainability of the Farm to Corner Store Program and produce system (that serves low-income food deserts) through community engagement and store owner business assistance.

The Healthy Food Retail VISTA must possess strong relationship development skills, the ability to work within multi-cultural environments, the ability to apply systems logic to programming for the purpose of replication and an interest in nutrition education at a minimum. Merchandizing and marketing skills in the position are ideal though not required.

The Healthy Food Retail VISTA will:

  • Build relationships with corner store owners in food deserts
  • Conduct in-store assessments and evaluate consumer food buying habits
  • Develop metrics and recordkeeping mechanisms for benchmarking purposes
  • Assist owners in developing a product placement and merchandising plan
  • Assist owners in tracking sales and profits
  • Coordinate partner-driven nutrition programming for increased market demand

Please email cover letter and resume to tclark@revbirmingham.org — Attn: Taylor Clark — and visit the AmeriCorps website to officially apply.

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