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Jimmy Witt, Witt Farm

Jimmy Witt, Witt Farm

Hayden, AL

IMG_8493Every spring we can’t wait to see the first truckload of strawberries arrive from Witt Farm in Hayden, AL – our primary strawberry grower. Meet the man that makes it all happen – Jimmy Witt.

When asked how long he’s been farming, Jimmy laughed and replied “All my life!” He’s a third generation farmer – although he didn’t intend to be. Before receiving his bachelors and masters in horticulture, Jimmy started at Auburn as a forestry major. “You always want to get out of where you are when you’re young,” he reminisced. “But I figured out it wasn’t so bad after all.” So he returned to Hayden, AL to take over the family farm. Growing up, the farm was predominately dedicated to commodity peaches. Under his leadership, Witt Farm diversified its product and began planting the strawberries we have all come to expect and look forward to every spring.

Jimmy started working with REV’s Urban Food Project in 2013 and noted that the partnership has helped keep their product local. Our restaurant partners can’t seem to get enough of it! Particularly popular are the green strawberries – that’s right, green! It wasn’t until he started working with the Urban Food Project that he started selling green strawberries. Birmingham chefs are pickling the little green berries and topping fresh salads with them, and trust us – it’s delicious.

You can find Witt Farm’s produce at some of Birmingham’s markets including Pepper Place and the East Lake Farmer’s Market.

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