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Vacca Discount Drugs

Vacca Discount Drugs

Gate City


IMG_8366Vacca Discount Drugs has been a staple in the Gate City neighborhood for the last 35 years. John Vacca opened the pharmacy and drugstore in 1977 next to his parents’ small grocery store. “They bought the store when I was a freshman in high school, so I’ve been working in the neighborhood since I was 14,” Mr. Vacca explained. His parents’ store has since closed but continues to meet the community’s grocery needs through his store. Since June of 2014, Mr. Vacca has been selling a wide variety of fresh produce through the Urban Food Project.

IMG_8461Tanja, Vacca’s cashier, grew up in the neighborhood and has been working at Vacca Drugs since 2013. “A lot of people don’t have a car so it’s great because they can just walk across the street to get their produce rather than having to figure out how to get a ride to get to the store.” she shared.

While creating healthy food access in Birmingham neighborhoods, REV’s Urban Food Project helps corner stores sell produce profitably. Providing fresh produce has increased traffic in the store, Mr. Vacca explained “People visit more frequently…they’re coming in to buy tomatoes and bananas every day.” Tanja agreed saying, “We run out of stuff all the time! People come in and ask when the truck is coming to deliver.”

To hear more about REV’s Farm to Corner Store Initiative and Vacca Discount Drugs, check out this story from WBHM featured in April 2015.

Tanja and Mr. Vacca pictured below during the first Urban Food Project produce delivery to Vacca Discount Drugs in 2014.

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