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REV Neighborhood Profile ~ Joyce Young, J’s Fancy Feet in Ensley


At REV Birmingham, we believe lifestyle businesses and the people who start them are the lifeblood of every thriving commercial district. Hence our excitement when a newcomer plants roots in the neighborhoods we serve. And that’s why we’re thrilled to introduce you to Joyce Young of J’s Fancy Feet, Ensley’s newest shoe shop.

Joyce’s love for her neighborhood is matched by her drive to sell shoes – and not just any shoe – a unique shoe that fits differently from the rest, but at a reasonable price to neighborhood customers. As a child, she was always driven by the prospect of making her own money; adults would pay her and her sister to run errands for the elderly and return soda bottles for a quick deposit. Born and raised in west Birmingham, Joyce retired from a loan servicing center in Florida in 2006 to return home to the neighborhood she adored. But now she was fueled by the prospect of fulfilling her dreams in Ensley.

Securing space with a limited budget initially proved to be a challenge, but a ride through downtown Ensley changed her mind. “I saw the lease signs, took the number down and called. I thought it would be really cool if I could afford one of these spaces for my store in my own neighborhood where I grew up.”

And the rest is history, folks.

Joyce’s plans for J’s Fancy Feet reach beyond her store’s profit; she has a vision for the Ensley neighborhood too. With diligence and consistency, she hopes to expand J’s Fancy Feet over time. Joyce also believes Ensley can be a prime area for families to come shop, eat and relax in a safe comfortable atmosphere.

Sounds like our kind of gal, and we couldn’t agree with her perspective more. Be sure to visit her shop in Ensley!

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