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Community Stakeholders Receive $15K for The Color Project

A new living art wall is on its way to Ensley…

Birmingham community stakeholders have been awarded a $15,000 grant to complete a “living art mural” in downtown Ensley! The award is made possible through UAB’s Community Health Innovation Awards (CHIA) competition.

“We are Rtists” (supported by REV) will use the funds to launch the first phase of The Color Project – an initiative that will combine murals, gardens, lights, and music to address health, blight, safety, crime and violence, and rejuvenation issues in the Ensley community.

The Color Project aims to make Ensley one of the most colorful places in Alabama and a destination space for residents and tourists. The murals designs will be based on input from Ensley neighbors to reflect the true spirit of the community.  The project’s first phase is a “Living” mural that transforms seasonally by incorporating a vertical garden that connects to gardens of adjacent lots.  Gardens will be attended by members of the community in order to help combat stationary living – a key contributor to numerous physical and mental disorders among residents in the community.  The next phases of The Color Project will see more murals created on adjacent buildings in close proximity of the initial piece, as well as the conversion of vacant lots into gardens and pocket parks.  Lighting (similar to LightRails) and music is slated to be added to spaces such as alleyways, alongside buildings, and in gardens/pocket parks to create a greater feeling of safety and livability in the downtown Ensley area.

We Are Rtists has launched The Color Project as a means to create spaces that deter crime, beautify the community, provide opportunities for better health and draw potential investment/reinvestment in this historic neighborhood.

The Color Project has the potential to reshape the conversation about and change the lives of the people of this historic neighborhood. And this $15K is an excellent way to get this initiative off the ground.

Read more about the CHIA grant here! And keep a lookout for more updates on The Color Project here!

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