Jackson Dean

Research & Data Manager


I help make Birmingham a more vibrant place by making sure our projects are backed by data and by assisting our business growth team with data insights for our clients. I also help ensure that REV Birmingham is a resource of local knowledge for the Downtown and Woodlawn.

Get to know Jackson:

> If you could meet any historical figure, who would you choose and why?

I would love to meet George Washington Carver because he used science and data to solve the problems of his day. He was an incredibly practical thinker and understood how the complex world worked. George Washington Carver not only found the plants that would grow in the Boll Weevil-infested, nutrient-depleted, former cotton fields of the South, he also invented industrial and personal uses for these crops as well as published his own cookbooks that featured peanuts and sweet potatoes! He understood that the world had to want the crops that replaced cotton and I deeply admire him for his work. In my opinion, no single person impacted agriculture, science, the economy, and dinner plates more in the South than George Washington Carver. I also love to eat sweet potatoes and peanuts so maybe I am a little biased.

> How do you enjoy spending time with friends in Birmingham?

Birmingham is an incredible sports town. The Barons, the Stallions, and the Legion are my favorite teams! I love going to games with my friends and cheering on local teams.