(Tanesha Sims-Summers, owner and founder of Naughty But Nice)

Have you tried Naughty But Nice Kettle Corn, located right outside of downtown? With over eight different flavors to choose from, NBNKC is the perfect snack to satisfy your sweet OR salty tooth. However, NBNKC is more than just popcorn; Tanesha Sims-Summers, owner and founder, believes “We make Birmingham sweeter one kernel at a time.

She started her career journey in investment banking but felt no connection. Although she was winning presidential trips and getting promoted, Tanesha sensed she needed more. “I’ve experienced being on the other side of the table and saw so many disparities. From people trying to afford life insurance to starting a business, I had a burning desire to educate.”

She later moved into the marketing field and noticed most of her clients weren’t people of color, had little to no marketing budgets, or didn’t have fundamental strategies behind their business. “I’ve always cared about entrepreneurship, whether it be helping people or one day having my own business – it would be very purposeful. I even bought an LLC years before I had the idea of Naughty But Nice!”


During her maternity leave, Tanesha finally had time to think about her next steps in life. After much reflection and a trip to Virginia, kettle corn was the answer. With the help of her aunt, Tanesha created three kinds of kettle corn: Original, Cheddar, and French Toast. She brought in samples to the office and couldn’t seem to keep up with the demand. Her coworkers began to purchase bags from out of her car trunk!

Now, Naughty But Nice has Ms. Poppy, the blue-wrapped food truck, AND a home base right off 1st Avenue in Woodlawn. Something as simple and nostalgic as kettle corn was the answer to all her prayers. NBNKC has sold bags nationwide and keeps growling!

“Through manifestation and faith, Naughty But Nice is making the world a sweeter place!”


With the help and support of local nonprofits, her family, and “POP HEADS,” NBNKC is serving the Birmingham community with a much larger purpose. Tanesha and her husband, Clem, lead by creating impactful initiatives within the business. Their “POPPING with a Purpose” initiative includes Making your local POP which works with other small business owners in the BHAM area, and POP raising that supports local causes.

Naught But Nice isn’t so naughty after all… Tanesha is grateful for her family and friends who always believed in her dreams and she isn’t slowing down anything soon! Make sure to catch them at your local markets or their Woodlawn location.




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