Need some GOOD VIBES? Go check out Good Vibes Goggles—An e-commerce store based in Birmingham, AL with a mission of spreading GOOD VIBES! Founder Drec Humphrey wanted to spread the positivity throughout the Birmingham Community Thus, Good Vibe Goggles was formed, an apparel company that sells streetwear such as sneakers, t-shirts the basic apparel but with a twist of positivity.

What is a way that people could support small businesses if they can’t buy the product?

GVG sends out a weekly newsletter so if you get the email subscribe to the newsletter! Visit our website, share the website with your friends. The biggest thing about helping small businesses is the traditional way of word of mouth. People need reassurance on the product they are buying so if someone you know recommends it to you, you’re more likely to try it out! Also, liking, sharing and commenting on social media!

Do you think the power of social media is a tool that is useful for small businesses?

I sent out a GVG’s outfit to an influencer for them to promote on TikTok. The video itself went virtual which was truly amazing for GVG!

How has your experience with the Virtual Woodlawn Market been?

It’s been amazing, we got to meet so many awesome people and hear stories and gain more insight about entrepreneurship. It’s a small community of entrepreneurs who are able to learn and gain input, experiences, ideas on how to make their business better! I am also SO happy that they were able to adapt and go virtual we have always gotten really good engagement after the market

What is the primary way you gain customers?

We are fortunate enough to get introduced to influencers and that has helped us to widen our reach tremendously. Influencer marketing- GVG, we are not a huge brand but it is super difficult for us to pay others for our product!

Where and how did you hear Woodlawn Street Market?

A friend told me about it. We have been doing it for two years and we were just trying to figure out how to do more things for the community. We were referred to Woodlawn Market and that’s how we were found!

Can you tell me more about Good Vibe Gainz?

We started it during COVID we always had talks of doing fitness wear and during COVID we thought it would be a great time! The mission is an enhancement not only your mind but even your mind. Great quality workout gear- Slowly building an email list and sending out workouts. Helping individuals not only be fit but mentally prepared.

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