Although our team is small, they are mighty! Each and every member plays an integral part in carrying out our mission. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be introducing each team member so that you can get a better look into who they are both inside and outside of the office. This week we are introducing Julie Clark Mckinney, our Director of Communications! Julie works with team members to create and implement strategies to engage our communities, brand and market our vibrancy-building projects and programs, and tell stories that celebrate Birmingham (#YayBham!). She’s been in Birmingham since 2011 and with REV since 2017 and falls more in love with this city every year.




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    One of the most legendary and storied neighborhoods of Birmingham is Woodlawn.  It is a community, anchored by one of the great public high schools of Birmingham, that has produced many citizens who contributed to the life of our city and has had an impact beyond the neighborhood itself.  In a short post like this true justice cannot be done to the rich heritage and legacy of Woodlawn.  However, we hope that this narrative brings together many of the diverse threads that make up the fabric of the community’s historic arc in a concise piece. 

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    Nestled within the heart of Avondale, Elysian Gardens stands as a testament to the power of artistic vision and community engagement. This whimsical sculpture park is a place where art and nature converge, offering visitors a unique experience that blends the world of sculpture with the charm of a bar and event space.

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    Meet Deon Gordon, one of the great minds behind Sloss Tech and a leading figure in Birmingham’s thriving tech industry. Sloss Tech is a vital conference driving the growth of Birmingham’s tech sector, fostering connections between tech enthusiasts, founders, investors, and professionals. This year’s conference is unique due to its post-pandemic return, introducing new programs for inclusivity and engaging students and early-career professionals. Deon envisions tech as a catalyst for economic growth and innovation in Birmingham and emphasizes the city’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in the tech community.

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