Downtowns across the country are experiencing tremendous economic challenges from the impact of COVID-19. Our small business owners are grappling with uncontrollable factors—finding ways to pivot their model and continuing to provide goods and services in a time when downtown’s employment centers are closed and foot traffic is minimal.

Since mid-March the REV team has doubled down on our core values of community leads and daring problem solving by engaging, listening and deploying strategies to support and sustain the small business community. The vibrancy of downtown is incumbent on their wellbeing and longevity.

REV’s team has pulled together a whitepaper to record our observations, analysis and recommendations for increasing vibrancy downtown in this crisis. This report is intended to communicate qualitative and quantitative data along with business intelligence gathered from boots-on-the-ground conversations between REV team members and downtown stakeholders.

Our hope is this report will inform and guide the development of strategies to meet the urgent needs of our downtown business owners in an effort to minimize the damage we’re facing as a city.

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REV’s CEO David Fleming and Director of Business Recruitment and Growth Taylor Clark Jacobson introduced this report to a group of downtown stakeholders via Zoom on Thursday, July 16. Watch the full announcement:

Questions about the report?

This research and analysis is just the beginning: It’s an important foundation from which to start. Set up time with our team to discuss our findings and recommendations plus how you can plug in.

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