Let’s be honest, Birmingham has a lot of cool shopsSo much so that choosing an item on first visit might be a bit overwhelming. That’s why REV ask several small business owners about their top-selling items and what they like about them. Here’s what they had to say: 

Jim Reed’s Books 

2021 3rd Ave N 

Birmingham, AL 35203 


“Dandelion Wine” by Ray Bradbury 

Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury is our best-selling book, year after year, for forty years (ranging in price from $5 to $1,500)…along with books by Harper Lee & Truman Capote & William Faulkner & Shirley Jackson & Richard Wright & Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & J.K. Rowling & J.R.R. Tolkien & Isaac Asimov & many, many others. Come see an eternal bookstore at the center of the Universe–Historic Downtown Birmingham! 

Yellowhammer Creative

2821 2nd Ave S 

Birmingham, AL 35233 


“It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham” t-shirt, $24 

This is one of our oldest designs and our most popular over the years. Our grassroots campaign to revive this old slogan of Birmingham’s became a rallying cry for the growth Birmingham has seen over the past decade. We’ve been printing this design for 8 years and it’s been around the world. 

Yo Mama’s

2328 2nd Ave N 

Birmingham, AL 35203 


Peach Cobbler Chicken & Waffle $13.45 without peaches ($11.95) 

It’s the perfect combination of Sweet & Savory!! Sure to fill up even the hungriest of people. 

Gaia Florals

2201 2nd Ave S Suite 107  

Birmingham, AL 35233 


“Wrapped Bouquets”: $35+ 

 Bouquets are a top seller because you got awesome fresh cut flowers at a great price. We source mostly locally grown flowers but strive on elevating our florals by combining awesome blooms with cool textures and other interests! 

Purchases from these and other local small businesses can count towards a chance to win prizes in the Great Receipt Race presented by Bham Now and sponsored by Verizon!

#BhamNeedsYou to show our retailers some love by getting their register ringing. To start playing The Great Receipt Race, participants should text RACE to 267-TEXTREV (267-839-8738).


Element and Vibe


Silence Is Not An Option t-shirt$28.95 

Silence Is Not An Option is one of our most popular designs because it affirms your voice. It gives your voice confidence and power. It screams expectations out loud to the world. 

Charm on 2nd 

2329 2nd Ave N 

Birmingham, AL 35203 


Earrings, $16-$45ish 

Our most popular item isn’t just one simple thing. We have such an eclectic collection, and most of it is one of a kind! However, that being said, earrings, any and all earrings! People are crazy about earrings, and I completely understand why because I am too!! They’re the perfect accessory for anytime, simple for work, loud for a statement! 


1927 2nd Ave N 

 Birmingham, AL 35203 


Dixie at Dusk bar, $10 

Our Dixie at Dusk bar is our most popular bar and one of the very first inclusion bars I made for the shop. It is a blend of dark and milk chocolates with pecans that we roast with rosemary, brown sugar and spices and we add smoked sea salt to finish it off. It is $10 and available online. 


5532 1st Ave N 

Birmingham, AL 35212 


Slow North candles, $34 

My most popular item are Slow North handmade soy wax candles. They are $34. I love them because they’re made with pure essential oils, so they smell amazing, and they’re handmade in Austin, TX.

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