• Why your pup wants you to move to Downtown Birmingham

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    Woof, woof! I’ve been having an absolute blast visiting my sister in Downtown Birmingham. I can hardly wait to share all the details with you once you return from your vacation. In the meantime, I wanted to put paw to paper and tell you all about it, with the hope of convincing you that moving Downtown could be the most wonderful decision ever.

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  • 9 questions with Deon Gordon about BHM's Thriving Tech Scene and Sloss Tech

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    Meet Deon Gordon, one of the great minds behind Sloss Tech and a leading figure in Birmingham’s thriving tech industry. Sloss Tech is a vital conference driving the growth of Birmingham’s tech sector, fostering connections between tech enthusiasts, founders, investors, and professionals. This year’s conference is unique due to its post-pandemic return, introducing new programs for inclusivity and engaging students and early-career professionals. Deon envisions tech as a catalyst for economic growth and innovation in Birmingham and emphasizes the city’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in the tech community.

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  • Birmingham, the secret ingredient behind Hoffman Media

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    Have you ever wondered how those delicious baking magazines look so good on paper but don’t turn out like the pictures? The geniuses behind the apron aren’t the only ones making those creations come to life. Photographers, producers, and editors are also behind the scenes making the food look as good as it tastes. Downtown Birmingham is lucky to have its own creative publication firm, Hoffman Media, right on 2nd Avenue North. With several state-of-the-art broadcasting kitchens and photography equipment, the firm can easily transform a recipe into a dreamy reality.

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