Have you ever wondered how those delicious baking magazines look so good on paper but don’t turn out like the pictures? The geniuses behind the apron aren’t the only ones making those creations come to life. Photographers, producers, and editors are also behind the scenes making the food look as good as it tastes. Downtown Birmingham is lucky to have its own creative publication firm, Hoffman Media, right on 2nd Avenue North.  With several state-of-the-art broadcasting kitchens and photography equipment, the firm can easily transform a recipe into a dreamy reality.

Hoffman Media was founded by Phyllis Hoffman DePiano in 1983. Today, her sons Eric and Brian Hoffman are behind one of the largest private publishing firms in Birmingham. Originally located on Acton Road, they chose to relocate downtown during the pandemic. Brian, a new member of REV Birmingham’s Board of Directors, decided it was time to change and embrace the energy happening in downtown Birmingham. They also built in new tools like photography and test kitchens, where they could unleash their full potential. With a rich history spanning 40 years, the move marked a significant turning point for Hoffman Media.

The property, previously a law firm located across the street from what is now Frothy Monkey, was bought in 2021. The interior was gutted and redesigned to support its new creative uses, and by August of 2022, it was ready to welcome Hoffman Media’s team. The original spiral staircase of the building was kept intact, a symbolic representation of the continuity and growth of Birmingham. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Hoffman Media persevered in the office project, confident in their vision and the belief that downtown Birmingham held untapped potential.

Choosing downtown Birmingham as their new headquarters was a strategic move with numerous advantages. Brian and their team understand the profound cultural difference that comes with having an office in this vibrant urban setting. Downtown has a distinct energy that ignites creativity and fosters a sense of community. The unique blend of coffee shops, restaurants, and cultural events offered by downtown Birmingham enriches their employees’ daily experience and therefore creative minds.

Hoffman Media’s relocation to downtown Birmingham signifies more than just a change of address. Brian and their team are proud to be Birmingham-based and recognize the value of supporting other local businesses. They view themselves as catalysts for change, actively contributing to the city’s ongoing transformation.

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