Bitty’s Living Kitchen is celebrating one month since its opening in The Pizitz Food Hall. Chef Kimberly McNair Brock opened her fast-casual restaurant focusing on whole fruits and vegetables in REV Birmingham’s REVeal Kitchen business accelerator to test her “living food” concept and work toward opening a brick-and-mortar location.

Chef Brock’s most popular product is the “Create your own Bliss Bowl”, which allows guests to combine fresh, locally sourced ingredients supplied through REV’s Urban Food Project with whole grains and lean proteins. Since its opening, Bitty’s has begun catering and has added a new menu item – Bitty’s Sneaky Mix – a  sweet trail mix with a spiciness that Chef Brock says “sneaks up on you” in the best way possible.

If you haven’t tried Bitty’s Living Kitchen yet, head over to Pizitz for your next meal – and if you have, head back to try something new!

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