Tomorrow is the big day here in the United States.

By the end of tomorrow night, we’ll (hopefully) know who will be the leader of the free world for the next four years. In the before times, most of us would be attending some kind of watch party. But, COVID-19. Here’s how to get in the spirit of democracy while also staying safe and racking up chances to win the Great Receipt Race:

Pick up a charcuterie board 

Want the perfect combo of salty and sweet? A charcuterie board filled with sweet slices of fruit and savory nuts and cheeses might be the way to go. Also, cheese is great comfort food—don’t ask us how we know. You can find all the ingredients at just about any grocery store, or you could purchase a custom board from a local place like Morgan’s Charcuterie Boards.


Make your voice heard via fashion 

Unfortunately, your order won’t be here by tomorrow night, but it’s never too late to express yourself. Element and Vibe has just about everything you’d need—from social justice to pop culture references. Message t-shirts are a great way to wear your personality literally on your sleeve.

Grab a meal from a local restaurant 

Want to watch the returns with a quality meal? The good news is that Birmingham has no shortage of local restaurants to choose from. Get take out from a local pizza joint if you want to feel like you’re in a newsroom or you could choose something more reminiscent of a balanced meal. Our culinary scene truly runs the full gamut.


Save room for dessert

Cookies or ice cream? Why not both? Grab a scoop, two or a gallon from Cookie Dough Magic. November’s flavor of the month is chocolate cake batter. We’re mostly kidding about the gallon…unless they’ll sell you that much. No judgment.

All of these purchases can enter you to win gift cards from local restaurants and retailers during the Great Receipt Race this holiday season!

Get started by texting RACE to 267-TEXTREV (267-839-8738) to get started!

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