It’s the holiday season, and we could all use some extra funds. Enter: The Great Receipt Race. It’s the best way to support Birmingham’s small businesses and win $100 worth of local gift cards.  Learn more:


All you have to do is text RACE to 267-TEXTREV (267-839-8738) to begin submitting your receipts from a local business to be entered to win. It’s that simple. What would you do with $100 worth of gift cards? We have some ideas.

Get a week’s worth of local food.

The holidays are all about food, but let’s be real, who really wants to cook? I sure don’t, and I have the DoorDash history to prove it. Anyway, enough about me. This is about YOU winning $100 worth of gift cards to your favorite local eats. We don’t have to tell you that Birmingham has a lot to choose from. Get this, you can also split the money up among two or more restaurants. All you have to do is shop local to get a chance to win.

Ball out at your favorite watering hole.

We’re at the home stretch of the hellscape that’s been 2020. We could probably all use a drink. The good news is that you can have one — or several — on The Great Receipt Race. A hundred dollars can go a long way towards craft cocktails somewhere downtown or even in your favorite lowkey bar. Think about how happy you’d make your friends by slamming down a gift card and telling them that drinks are on you? It’s not too late to leave this year a hero.

Be energized for a very long time.

Do you know how many cups of coffee you can get with $100? Spoiler: A LOT. That’s including the macchiato whatever you order when you’re feeling fancy. Either way, prepared to be caffeinated for a while, and for FREE! There’s plenty of opportunities to get a good cup of coffee locally. And we’re talking GOOD coffee here.

Make your whole house smell amazing.

OK, most people won’t buy six candles at once. Reader: I am not most people. I totally would go hog wild in a candle shop, especially now that we’re all at home more. One hundred bucks spent a local candlemaker would not only do them a huge solid, but it could also scent every room in your house or apartment. If you’re a one candle at a time person, you could try several scents over time. You know, gift cards don’t expire.

Work on your green thumb.

Another Great Receipt Race perk tailored particularly to my interests: You can buy all the plants. I’m talking cute succulents, a large palm, a drought-resistant variant or maybe even some flowers. There’s no limit to the possibilities. Green things make humans feel better and can purify the air in your home. That’s science. You can get a lot of leafy love in your life for $100.

Regardless of what you do with the winnings, you need to act fast. The Great Receipt Race ends on December 31!

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