A little preview of the canvas – which you can learn more about in the workshop video and download below!

By Julie Clark McKinney
REV Birmingham Director of Communications

Your brand story is the foundation for your business. It’s your why (you do what you do), and how you communicate to your customers why they should buy from you.

There’s no one right way to arrive at your brand story, but some ways are simpler than others. In Rebound Bham‘s Telling Your Brand Story workshop that I co-taught with Trufund‘s incredible Kim Carter Evans, we did our best to uncover the easiest way to walk a business owner through it, with no formal public relations education required.

You can watch the whole workshop (right here! for free!) and hear explanations and examples from us for each step of the process.

In the workshop, we walk you through the Brand Story Canvas, a REV team creation that you can print out and fill in (fits best on 11×17 paper but works on 8.5×11 paper too) or follow along and jot down your own notes on whatever you’ve got handy.

Download the Canvas

This canvas leads you through creating, tweaking or affirming…

  • YOUR CORE VALUES—those guiding principles and beliefs that are the foundation for how you run your business
  • YOUR CUSTOMER—specifically thinking about how your core values align with theirs and what that means for your messaging
  • YOUR KEY MESSAGING—your engaging elevator pitch
  • YOUR BRAND STORY—your what and your why, described in a way that demonstrates your core values and connects with your customer

The truth is that it doesn’t matter how you get to your brand story, only that you get it right. Because you and your small business baby deserve it!

Give this workshop and the canvas a try; then check out more free Rebound Bham workshop videos. And, as always, reach out to REV’s Biz Growth team when you need us!

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