“Just do it” isn’t just a Nike slogan for Tim Hightower, owner of The Lumbar in Pepper Place. It’s also his philosophy when it comes to expanding outdoor seating.

Hightower says that applying for Birmingham’s Shared Space Permit and building out an outdoor seating area has allowed the bar he co-owns with his daughter, Rylie, to double capacity for less than $1,000.

Watch him explain the process and why he hopes other Birmingham’s businesses take advantage of the permit.

The Lumbar’s Tim Hightower on expanding outdoor seating via Birmingham’s Shared Spaces permit from REV Birmingham on Vimeo.

Need help getting a shared space permit?

The Shared Space Permit is aimed at helping bars and restaurants safely welcome customers back for an on-site dining experience while also maintaining social distancing rules. Click below to see answers to some common questions, and contact REV’s team for help navigating the process for your restaurant!

Shared Space Permit FAQs

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