Are you tired of working from home? The Birmingham Coworking Collective has the answer if you’re looking for a change of scenery.

The collective made is made up of seven coworking spaces—Worx, Forge, Innovation Depot, MAKEbhm, Practice Works, The Hub and REV’s very own SocialVenture. It’s also the Global Workspace Association’s first local chapter, according to Kim Lee, Forge founder and CEO.

During the pandemic, the collective launched its passport—a way for those interested in coworking to check out all seven facilities for free within a two week period.

Something that adds to each space, according to Ben Wieseman, REV’s Director of Catalytic Development and collective member.

“Coworking facilities are vibrant office users,” he said. “They provide spaces for a diversity of people and concepts at affordable rates, that engage the local neighborhood and community businesses.”
Not sure where to start?
Here’s a little info about each coworking space:

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