Jason Avery, vice president of the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association, and Urban Main team member, shovels soil in preparation for new planters.

If you’re looking for public parking in Woodlawn, here’s your sign!  

You may have zoomed past the Woodlawn Municipal Lot located on the corner of 1st Ave. S and 55th Place N without blinking an eye. But, hey, we don’t blame you – it was easy to miss. That’s exactly why the Woodlawn Urban Main team gathered volunteers from the Woodlawn Business Association to give the sign a refreshing facelift.  

The Woodlawn neighborhood is full of community assets like this public parking lot. Part of the Urban Main team’s focus is on enhancing Woodlawn’s historic buildings and public art by breathing life and beauty into the Woodlawn landscape. 

It started with a simple replanting of the plant-bed around the sign with new plants provided by the City of Birmingham horticulture department.  


Then Jason Agan and Cameron WIlliams, Woodlawn business owners, volunteered to redesign the Municipal Parking sign with a fresh coat of paint and eye-catching design. 

Next time you need a place to park when in Woodlawn, you know exactly where to look!

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