You've got storefront dreams. We've got resources and a roadmap.

Our Street Market to Storefront process is built to bridge the gap between business model and vibrant Birmingham storefront location. REV’s Biz Growth team helps entrepreneurs with proven business models in navigating the design, financial, regulatory factors and real estate in opening a brick-and-mortar location in our beautiful city. 

We know you’ve been busy building your business model and gaining loyal customers. If you have hopes of opening a storefront in the city of Birmingham, we’re here to help navigate the design, financial, marketing, regulatory factors and real estate process of opening a brick and mortar.



1. Startup to Storefront Roadmapping

You get: 30, 60, and 90-day roadmaps

You’ll need a roadmap to get you to your B’ham brick and mortar. We’ll take it in 30-day increments, checking in along the way to check the tires and ensure we’re on track. 

2. Visioning

You get: Personalized vision board

Daydreams start here. Through a facilitated session, we take your big ideas and help you create a board to cast your vision. 

3. Capital Planning

You get: Startup to Storefront & Funding Your Dream planning canvases

You’ll need some cash to fund your dream. Getting a loan for your business is different than getting a personal loan. Through a pen and paper process, we’ll help you plan how to gain the money you need to grow. 

4. Business Planning

You get: Pitch deck and proforma

We’ll help you take those big dreams and put them on paper. Together we’ll use the business model canvas to communicate your business model, how you’ll grow over time and what you’ll need to make your dreams a reality. 

5. Storefront Shopping

You get: Brick + mortar plan

Before you meet with property owners and brokers, we’ll help you hone in on what you’re looking for, how much it will cost and where it is likely to be located within the city of Birmingham. This, with your business plan, pitch deck, proforma and capital lined up, you’ll be ready to start shopping. 

6. Lease Reviewing

You get: Signed lease

We’ll review your lease at no charge, walk you through all the fine print and make sure you’re comfortable before you ink it. Not only will we review it, we’ll make sure you understand it so you know exactly what you’re agreeing to. 

It’s never too early to educate yourself on what it takes to realize your dreams!

Ready to get started?

This is your journey and you set the pace. We’re here to help no matter where you are in the process and what your timeline looks like. Robert is awesome, and he’s your first point of contact for Street Market to Storefront. Contact him when you’re ready to start working toward your Birmingham brick and mortar!