Communities need space to gather, space to connect, space to collaborate. REV believes that, in order to create vibrant commercial districts, communities have to design alongside the business and property owners, their customers and visitors, and the nearby residents who will use the space. When they want what’s best for the community, we call them yaysayers.

There’s a big difference between doing something for a community, and doing something with a community. The REV team believes that community stakeholder must lead their own revitalization. REV is there to feed them: feed them strategic planning, feed them proven strategies, feed them resources and information. This approach looks different in every community where we work, because our neighborhoods are unique and their strategies for growth should be too.

Downtown Birmingham

Through a relationship with the City Center District Management Corporation, REV carries out revitalization services in Downtown Birmingham with the support of downtown property owners. REV conducts regular formal and informal engagement with property owners, their tenants, employees and customers to design and implement strategies and projects that improve downtown.

Downtown BHM Website

CAP Clean & Safe Program


20th Street Refresh

Downtown Data


Years of community-led planning has produced a plan for the revitalization of Woodlawn’s business district through a lens of equitable entrepreneurship. Community volunteers are working alongside REV and partner groups like Woodlawn Foundation, Woodlawn Business Association and neighborhood associations to identify and grow Woodlawn entrepreneurs in the district.

Woodlawn BHM website

Woodlawn Street Market

Woodlawn Marketplace



REV works in places where it can develop three key ingredients for success. We call them the Three P’s: Place, People, Payers. We work in historic commercial districts (place) where our model is proven effective, we partner with local stakeholders (people) who want to lead their community’s growth, and we look for stable sources of funds (payers) to make real results possible.

Where We Work

While we can’t work in every district, we’re always up for a chat! Drop us a note and we’ll talk about big dreams and realistic plans for progress.

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