The board of directors of the City Center District Management Corporation (CCDMC), which operates downtown’s CAP program, has entered into a management contract with REV Birmingham. Under the contract, REV will manage the Community Action Partnership (CAP) patrol program and will begin the process of long-term strategic planning for the continued revitalization and management of the City Center district.
“This partnership brings Birmingham more in line with other cities where Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) fund a variety of revitalization and district management functions, including clean and safe programs, under the management of a related non-profit,” said City Center District Management Corporation Board President Sue Johnson.
“The CCDMC board represents the interests of the property owners in the district, and that will not change. We will continue and strengthen our ability to deliver on the mission under this new structure,” said Fox Defuniak, Chairman of the City Center District Management Corporation.
The agreement comes after more than a year of study by outside consultants, exploration with stakeholder groups and due diligence by REV and the CAP security team. REV’s Executive Team will begin immediate management of the organization’s communications, financial operations, and the CAP patrol service. REV and the CCDMC board will begin the search for a City Center District Manager to oversee planning and non-security related revitalization work and outreach to district property owners, who fund the work of the Business Improvement District.
“A vibrant, safe City Center is crucial to the future of Birmingham and is at the core of both REV’s and the City Center District Management Corporation’s missions. This partnership will allow us to assess the needs of district stakeholders and formulate a shared plan for moving downtown Birmingham to the next level,” said Darlene Wilson, chair of REV Birmingham’s board of directors.

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