One of REV’s core values in Community Leads > Design Feeds. That means we look to our community partners to identify community needs and REV helps them create solutions. So when our Ensley partners identified a lacking of lunch options, we supported them in creating Ensley Eats. The idea is simple, yet impactful: bring in a couple food trucks, music, and people will come. Since its inception, the initiative has drawn residents, employees, and business owners to enjoy some of Birmingham’s best food trucks.
Ask any of our partners in the neighborhood, and they will inform you that the event is bigger than food trucks. The Ensley Merchants Association is using the initiative to increase pedestrian activity in the business district and to demonstrate the need for more restaurants to serve the community.  Join us for the next Ensley Eats, which will happen on July 12th from 10 AM to 1 PM. #EnsleyAlive #EnsleyEats

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