Okay – you probably know by now that we recently wrapped up construction on 20th Street (and if you didn’t, surprise – now you know!). We held a street party to wrap it all up and it was a huge success, if we do say so ourselves. There’s nothing better than seeing hundreds of people come together to celebrate the revitalization of their beloved city. Although there are still more additions to come, which you can read about here, the streetscape has been beautified and is ready to be shown off at The World Games (and beyond) this July! But for now, let’s continue the celebrations and take a look back at the (20th) Street Party that took place last week. And be sure to stop by and check out all the fun new additions to Birmingham’s main street next time you head down there!

CAP Team

The CAP team was not only at the street party keeping the streets of Birmingham clean AND safe, but they were also excited to party alongside everybody! I mean, look at that smile!

Outdoor Dining

We’d say it’s safe to assume that everybody is pretty thrilled about the new outdoor seating on 20th Street. What’s better than enjoying fresh air, the beautiful sights of downtown, and some great company? We’d have to say nothing!

Flex Lanes

Check out how good the new flex lane designs look! Next time you head over to 20th Street, make sure you keep an eye out for all the new Downtown branding that’s been added into the streetscapes. So much color and so much fun!

Live Art

This live art installation outside of Forstall Art Center was such a cool way to celebrate all of the talent here in the Magic City! I mean seriously, look at that detail!


These bikers were wasting no time utilizing the new flex lanes – and we can’t say we blame them!

The World Games

The World Games team decided to join the party as well! Is it really a celebration without some games?


And, of course, this was the perfect opportunity to support local businesses! We were so excited to have these vendors join us and share their goods with the city.

DJ Supreme

DJ Supreme really knows how to get a party started! He got everybody movin’ and groovin’ with some fun tunes!

Magic City Disco

And if anybody can get you wanting to move your feet, it’s the Magic City Disco krewe! They really knew how to bring the party.

Mascot Dance Off

The Magic City Dancers made sure nobody was left out of the dance party – not even the mascots!

Dance Party for All!

Even the youngsters were feeling the rhythm!


So much fun was had, we just wanted to scream & shout all night long!

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