Small businesses are essential to creating vibrant, authentic places. REV helps entrepreneurs start, grow and sustain their businesses, and we focus especially on those with the goal to open brick-and-mortar locations.

REV’s Business Growth team offers workshops, one-on-one business consulting, business-proving opportunities and real estate assistance to help you, regardless of where you are on your journey. We also closely collaborate with more than 20 organizations that have even more expertise and resources to help Birmingham’s small businesses thrive.


Every small business is unique. The best way to figure out how REV (and/or our partners) can help you move forward is to schedule a 15-minute discovery call. We’ll talk about where you are now, where you want to go and how we can help you get there!

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In addition to continued coaching, pop-ups and street markets are great ways to test your model and grow your business in a real-world environment. We’ve created Woodlawn Street Market and Woodlawn Marketplace to provide approachable platforms for entrepreneurs to do just that.

Woodlawn Street Market

Woodlawn Marketplace


If you aspire to open a brick-and-mortar business, we’re here to help you understand what it takes and how to get there. Our team can break down the language and real costs of commercial real estate whether you are interested in leasing or buying. Let’s navigate your purchase/lease/build-out process together!

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This 2-minute survey will help REV’s Business Growth team better understand your goals and how we can help you work toward achieving them. At the end, you’ll be asked for your contact information, and we’ll take it from there!

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    With summer just around the corner, kids will soon be out of school and insisting on getting out of the house. Luckily, Downtown Birmingham has an abundance of family-friendly activities that will keep your kiddos entertained and create lifelong memories.

    We know taking kids out for extended periods can be challenging; that’s why we have curated a list of experiences designed to be enjoyable within a manageable 3 – 4 hour timeframe. This way, both children and parents can make the most of their time without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted. These four experiences include lunch options and are tailored to different ages and personalities.

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    Lights, Camera, Action! The rebirth of the Woodlawn Theater is happening this weekend in the heart of Woodlawn. The theater is opening its doors to the public with two extraordinary opening events that are FREE to the public. The 1400 square foot venue has a wide range of amenities and even has a full-service bar. Because of the Mason Music Foundation, this venue is filling a much needed resource for local musicians to perform. Keep reading to discover how the theater came back to life and its impact on the community.

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Our team has squeezed 20 steps to launching your small business started into two pages for an easy and helpful download. Download it, absorb it, and let us know when you’re ready to talk!

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