Why is REV rooting for your success? Because we believe small businesses are the fabric of a vibrant community. REV’s Business Growth team offers workshops, coaching and resources for passionate people to more easily start and grow their entrepreneurial dreams.

Whether you’re starting a business or are ready to expand, entrepreneurship is a journey. REV’s Business Growth team offers workshops, one-on-one business consulting, business-proving opportunities and real estate assistance to help you along the way.


REV hosts the four-hour-overview-of-everything workshop BIZ 1.0 monthly and topical workshops seasonally. Register for an upcoming workshop, or set up an appointment for business consulting and problem-solving!

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Once you have the business fundamentals down, you’re ready to start testing your concept and responding to customer feedback. Apply to sell your products at Woodlawn Street Market, or compete for business development funds through The Big Pitch.

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Starting a business is never easy, but you have a village to support you in Birmingham. REV has coaches, workshops, resources and more for entrepreneurs like you!

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Our team is poised to help you think through your business model, offer fresh perspective, and connect you with resources and individuals to help you reach your goals. We utilize a structured yet flexible process to understand and address your specific needs.

We begin with a needs assessment. From there, we’ll identify opportunities to support you. We use a goal-setting process to help you identify 30, 60 and 90-day goals. We’re here to coach you, but implementation is up to you. But don’t worry; if you get off course we’re here to help you identify changing milestones.

It takes a village to support a robust entrepreneurial community. Together with invested partners, REV equips passionate people with knowledge and resources to grow their idea from concept into a brick and mortar.


  • Lean start-up methodologies & processes

  • Business-proving opportunities like Woodlawn Street Market & pop-ups

  • Goal setting & strategic planning

  • Retail & restaurant operations

  • Brand development, marketing & communications

  • Resources & referrals related to proforma development, cash flow analysis, accounting & business law

  • Real estate: location, development & leasing

  • Capital providers & financial incentives

  • Licenses, permitting, taxes & other regulatory requirements

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This is your journey. Entrepreneurs lead, and we feed them. We can help problem solve, but you are responsible for your own success or failure.

If you’re ready to take the entrepreneurial plunge with REV Birmingham and our dedicated team of problem solvers, contact us and let’s get to work!

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Our team has squeezed 20 steps to launching your small business started into two pages for an easy and helpful download. Enter your name and email below to download the PDF. A REV representative may contact you to see how our business growth team can provide (free!) support, but we will never send you any spam or bad vibes.